The Terrier Jetboat is a Glass Reinforced Plastic designed Jet boat.
Length: 4.350m Beam: 1.800m  Dead Rise: 15°. The Terrier's best aptitude is it's ability to navigate very shallow water at slow speed. The gull wing shaped bottom with no strakes to damage gives this boat a very soft ride without compromising it's terrific shallow water capability. 
The bottom of the Terrier is constructed with a Vinyl ester Resin and ceramic, this making the bottom considerably stronger and giving great resilience to impact. The ceramic adding to the wear resistance.
The Terrier Jet is a huge improvement in strength compared to the way fibreglass jetboats had been manufactured in the past.

Available direct from the factory as Hull and Deck package, in two configurations;
Standard fibreglass hull & deck from NZ$ 11,950.00 Incl.

Ceramic Shield bottom & deck, from NZ$ 12,850.00 Incl.

Prices include, Engine bearers, floor and seat bases all flow-coated inside,
ready to be fitted out.

Available in a wide range of colours.

Two Terrier Jets on the Waimakariri River, opposite the Bealey

Below, Spraying up Terrier Hull.

Below, Terrier on the Grey River

The Terrier Jetboat

Manta  Turbo-craft 500C

Manta Sport 350 3.5m

Manta Sport 350. Price from $4,850.00

with 15hp Parsun Outboard Motor as shown below $8,700.00

with 15hp Parsun motor and Trailer $12,200.00 ~ $12,500.00

and the 500 Sports