Shub Shower Units


The Bainham is a  three walled, 3 piece Bath/Shower Shub. 
Size: 1200 mm x 800 mm x 1960 mm This unit dismantles and will fit through a 430 mm door opening, then is reassemble in the bathroom. 
Inside depth, floor to top of step 350 mm.

Colour: White
Here you get the benefits of a large shower with the advantages of a small bath, really great for washing children.
The Shower Rose and mixer can be fitted at either end of the Shub.
Liquid cleaners are recommended for cleaning shub surface. 

Bainham shub only price,  $1,350-00.

Bainham shub complete with Deluxe pivot s/glass door: $2,150-00
Bainham shub complete with 3 piece sliding door s/glass clear: $2,200.00
Price includes GST, but not freight.
Accessories not included.

Model No 950

The Turnbull Shower Shub is ideal for bathing children and still can be used as a shower unit. 
Size: 900 mm x 900 mm x 1960 mm Being a two piece unit it will fit through a 750 mm door opening, to be reassembled in the bathroom. 
The surface finish is a high quality sanitaryware grade gelcoat to provide a smooth, glossy surface that is easy to clean.
Step height outside measurement 390mm, 350mm inside.

Can be fitted with a door or curtain.

Colour: White.

Price for White:
Cubicle only: $950-00.
Cubicle with s/glass door: $1,625-00. 
Prices includes GST, but not freight. 


Photo of the Turnbull Shub, Model No 950