Main Ring Unit Covers

Standard Ring Unit Covers

RUC1 Cover.

The concrete base as shown above ( not supplied with cover) is 100 mm extra on each side.
All doors are designed for Padlocks or
your own special door locks can be fitted by us if you use a special master key.

All RUC’s are fitted with explosive roof break outs.
Std Ring Unit Cover 1,550 mm high x 1285mm length x 1,100 mm wide. as shown above $4,200.00 + gst.

RUC2 (4 Door) Doors on all walls, One large & 3 small doors 1,800 mm high x 1285mm length x 1,100 mm wide.
$5,200-00 + gst.


Special size cover with two small and one large door.

Size 2,048 long X 1,355 wide X 1,660 high

$7,500-00 + gst

4 Bay Ring Unit Cover

Size 2048 long x 1355 wide x 1950 high
Price $8,500.00 + gst.

Freight extra.


4 Door RUC below.

RUC shown below viewed front and back.

Overall height 1800 mm

Length 1300 mm

Width 1140 mm