Fibreglass Meter Boxes


These meter boxes are manufactured with a fire retarded resin with a 0 spread of flame, tested to AS1530.

The 10mm backing board in side them is Divinycell H60.

The oxygen index for the Divinycell is 28.8 percent, which classifies it as self-extinguishing, this value was determined in accordance with ISO 4589-2.

All our Metre boxes are available through your local electrical merchant.

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Meter box sizes.

Code                    Size                                                               

MB1            450 x 450 x 210mm
MB2            450 x 450 x 210mm with window

MB3            300 x 300 x 180mm
MB4            600 x 600 x 210mm

MB5            600 x 600 x 210mm with window

MB6            600 x 400 x 210mm
MB7            600 x 400 x 210mm with window

MB8            300 x 450 x 180mm