The Terrier Jetboat is a Glass Reinforced Plastic designed Jet boat.
Length: 4.350m Beam: 1.800m  Dead Rise: 15°. The Terrier's best aptitude is it's ability to navigate very shallow water at slow speed. The gull wing shaped bottom with no strakes to damage gives this boat a very soft ride without compromising it's terrific shallow water capability. 
The bottom of the Terrier is constructed with a Vinyl ester Resin and ceramic, this making the bottom considerably stronger and giving great resilience to impact. The ceramic adding to the wear resistance.
The Terrier Jet is a huge improvement in strength compared to the way fibreglass jetboats had been manufactured in the past.

Available direct from the factory as Hull and Deck package, in two configurations;
Standard fibreglass hull & deck from NZ$ 11,950.00 Incl.

Ceramic Shield bottom & deck, from NZ$ 12,850.00 Incl.

Prices include, Engine bearers, floor and seat bases all flow-coated inside,
ready to be fitted out.

Available in a wide range of colours.

Designed on the West Coast by West Coaster's for the rugged West Coast rivers.

Two Terrier Jets on the Waimakariri River, opposite the Bealey

Below, Spraying up Terrier Hull.

Below, Terrier on the Grey River

The Terrier Jetboat

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